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We are very grateful to the founding supporters of the Dell Children's Star Society:


Dell Children's Star Society 2011

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Action Fence Company Glenn B. Lee
Bobbie and George C. Adams Tsey-Lin Lee
Joyce and Spencer Altman Allen Lindeman
Tanya and Brian S. Arnold Sandra and Jack C. Little
Linda and Fernando Arrigucci Sally A. Lucksinger
Sara and William B. Baran Bernice and Robert Machala
Mary Kay and William C. Bedortha Milton and Dianne Mallory
Jane Belknap Valerie and Mickey Malone
Jennifer and Jeff Bowden McCann and Associates
Sandy and John Broderick Tom McMain
Dawn and William Brooke Alicia and Damon W. Meredith
Susan and Glenn E. Brooks Richard W. Meyer
Builders Choice Tech. Linda and Jeffrey I. Millstone
Morris Burk Erika Mittag
C & G Trucking & Septic, Inc. Ruth Mozingo
Elaine and Donald M. Carlton Judy and Stan Murff
Barb and Neils Christiansen Sherry and Richard D. Murray
Eric L. Christie Carol and James Naiser
Deirdre and Donald J. Conway Beth W. Nauert
Naomi Coyne and Eileen R. Coyne Elizabeth and Robert G. Nelson
Moton H. Crockett Tommie and Sarah L. Pernell
Warner B. Croft Raymond A. Petruch
JoAnn and Clifford Damstrom Gladys Pfluger
Jeann and R.W. Doll Franklin E. Pierce
Linda and William Fajkus Karuna and Rajesh N. Raina
Katherine and Alfred J. Findeisen Wanda and David L. Reese
Sally and C. W. Fisher Tamera and Russell Rehmann
Barbara and  Ken Fortner J. D. Rich
Sharon Hodges and Steve Funke Phyllis L. Richards
Anna and Daniel Galloway Phillip S. Risner
Betty and Fred Glosser Betty Sanders
Angelika and Edward C. Gonzales Gertrude Schriner
Linda and Calvin H. Gray Earline and Lewis Seward
Mary and Bill Haley William E. Shelton
Rosemarie and Tom D. Hall Siegmund Painting Company, Inc.
Beverly and Timothy Harstad Sharan and Craig L. Smith
Frances and Raymond T. Henry Sara and Gregory Snodgrass
Wilma L. Hensler Gwen and Larry Stirling
Susan and James K. Hensley Julia and Howard M. Stridde
Laura and James M. Hurst Jetta and Tommy N. Talley
Burdell H. Jaacks Carlene W. Tomlin
Patty and Joe Jistel Shirley Traweek
Byron Kalbas Vasek Automotive, Inc.
Peggy and Jonathan Kalich Edwin Velazquez
Margaret Kalmbach Walker Construction
Margaret and Joel Kenty Deborah and Craig A. West
Mary Ellen and Leonard Kiely Judith and Loss White
Michelle R. Killian Barbara and Robert D. Widenor
Carloyn and Michael K. Lane Gayle Bullock and Lewis R. Wiman
Brenda and Alan L. Langford Helen J. Youngblood
Renee and Manuel Ledesma

If you are interested in joining the Dell Children's Star Society, please contact Taylor Darland at 512.324.0170 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .