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Featured Corporate Profile: Emerson

What makes Emerson unique?

With a global reputation for its technology innovation and industry leadership, Emerson strives to help its customers grow, improve their operations, and meet today’s environmental challenges.  Emerson Process Management, the largest business of Emerson, has a major presence in Central Texas, with more than 750 engineering, software development, services, and sales and marketing employees in the region.  Working hard to provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage, we are the eyes, ears, and central nervous system of big refineries, chemical plants, and other facilities that depend on our technologies for their most critical operations.  Like Dell Children’s, we monitor the health and wellness of our customers and use technology to improve their operations, safety, and overall well-being.

How did Emerson begin its support of Dell Children’s and why did it choose to support its local pediatric hospital?

Dell Children’s has always had a stellar reputation for providing much-needed medical services for the children of Central Texas.  As a major employer in Central Texas, with 750 employees in this region, many of which have children, Dell Children’s was a natural fit for our support.  A facility that can directly help so many children where we work, play, and live quickly comes to the top of the list of worthy candidates for support.

Why is giving back to your local community important to Emerson and how do you impart that your team?

Our employees are proud of the community and participate in many local charitable and mentoring projects.  We live here, too, and want the best for the people in the areas where we work.

As a leader in the technology industry, what qualities of Dell Children’s do you feel makes it a leader in the pediatric healthcare industry?

Dell Children’s size, focus, and resources enable it to help many children in the Central Texas area.  As a company that has pioneered wireless technology in industrial environments, we certainly appreciate and applaud Dell Children’s all-digital and wireless facility that leverages the skills of your physicians and nursing staff to provide the best care possible.  Coupled with “high tech” is Dell Children’s focus on “high touch.”  The center’s specific and thorough focus on the family embodied in family zones on each floor and a Family Resource Center provides comfort to both the small patients who receive relatives’ visits and helps allay the concerns that are felt by the patients’ families.

Emerson recently pledged to give to Dell Children’s Third Bed Tower Building for the Future Campaign, why do you feel this project is worth supporting?

We feel that expanding the successful work done by Dell Children’s is among the most productive uses for our charitable giving, and we look forward to seeing great patient results, which you just can’t put a price on.